On certain websites such as Myspace, the embedded flash media
players refuse to work; instead returning a message such as "Error
Loading XML
Doent". At first, I could activate the standalone playeroption and
player would function as it was intended. Now it has gotten to the
point that
the players won't work at all. and it happens on my work PC running
and my home PC running XP home. I have tried upgrading to flashplayer

8,0,22,0, I tried reinstalling the older version of flash, updating IE,

reinstalling IE, restoring my security settings in IE to their defaults
and all
for naught. and nobody on any of the usenet groups knows what the
problem is
and nobody at Myspace knows what to do about it either. What
could cause the error message? This only happens on myspace with
videos/music. Never happens on any other website, or with any other
program on my computer...
Any suggestions?
The only thing that shows on the screen/player is: Error loading XML
any help would be appreciated...