That is a bogus error message in that it probably refers to something you
have done (or not done) on the page. So, looking in the javascript is not
the right place to look. Go post this on the PVII newsgroup at
[url]news://forums.projectseven.com/pviiwebdev[/url] - they look at these all day long.

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"eloine" <webforumsusermacromedia.com> wrote in message
> I'm using the project 7 extention to have drop down menus on my site that
I'm building at [url]http://www.klassydeisgns.com[/url] and I'm getting a runtime error
on every page and it asks me if I want to debug with message on line 49
"Error: ?null? is null or not an object" Since I don't write this stuff by
hand I'm a little intimidated by the code and am not sure what to fix. Does
anyone have a clue?
> Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help!
> Thanks, Eloine