Does anyone has experience building mysql server in cygwin? I installed it
without any errors (configure/make/make install). But when I run
"mysql_install_db" I got a bunch of similar errors like "[ERROR]
/usr/local/libexec/mysqld: Incorrect information in file: './mysql/db.frm'".
I did some research online and the solution seems to be "chown -R mysql
(mysql path)". But the thing is: in cygwin we can't add or change user. So I
created an user "mysql" in Windows to redo the mysql build in cygwin but it
still gave me the same set of errors! Can someone help me resolve this? I'm
installing MySQL 5.0.24. I assume the reason why I can't start the server
with "mysqld_safe &" is because of the absence of those initial data in