dear all,
While installing the EFS, when I configure the TCP/IP then i get the
messages while relinking the kernel.

i encountered the message when after installing the Advanced File and
Print Server in SCO Open Server 5 i rebooted the server Compaq Proliant
1600 i get the message

/dev/nbcots: invalid transport provider name
/dev/netbeui: invalid transport provider name

this problem prevents me from printing thru UNIX on windows pcs. i m not
able to print on printers attached to windows pcs.

one another message also occurs while relinking kernel:

/etc/conf/bin/idmknod: driver ida not a character special device

but it gives that the kernel has been relinked successfully.

another error is:
/opt/K/SCO/link/1.1.1Eb/etc/conf/bin/idmknod: driver ida is not a
character special device.
another error message while booting is:

/dev/datalink : no such file or directory
nbelink : no such file or directory

starting netbios: nbd : can't open NETBIOS device : no such file or

these problems prevent me from starting Advanced File and Print services
on the server.

please help

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