S f S wrote:
> Hi
Hello Sussan,
> I wonder if any had a chance to look up this page:
> [url]http://www.aljacobs.com/Sussans%20page.htm[/url]
> and give helpfull critique. ..rather to AL
Looks like you have a few more images up. The changes that Al did generally do
seem to make the images slightly more interesting.

Since you are really into the baby photography at the moment, you may want to look

<http://www.annegeddes.com> start by clicking on the "Galleries" link near the
bottom of the page.

She is a photographer famous for her baby images. There are several books out by
her, so you might want to check out your local Border's or Barnes & Noble

One very valid method of improving your composition skills is to emulate photos
done by professionals. Try to figure out what makes each composition interesting,
and do your own rendition of those ideas and concepts.
> Send Emails to [email]ajacobs2tampabay.rr.com[/email] attn: Sussans Page
> The camera and lenses and flash I have to work with is/are:
> Canon 10D, 28-135mm lens, Sigma 105mm Macro 2.8 lens, Canon 75-300mm USM lens,
> Canon 550EX flash.
> Any set manual settings that might work wonders?
I would think that going with a wide open aperture, like f2.8 on the Sigma, might
force the background to go more out of focus, and better isolate your subject, and
better separate the subject from the background. You can use aperture priority to
make this work better, then the camera will choose the shutter speed.
> Any special way to set up the
> flash?..
Try to get a cord to get the flash off the camera. Take some shots with the flash
one side, or the other, of your subject.
> Cheeers,
> Sussan
One thing about small kids is that too often we see images looking down at the
kids. Try to get on the same level, or lower, than the child. Go for a different
viewpoint. Play with relative perspective and subject size by trying low angle
shots with wide lenses, and lots of depth of focus. Experiment more, and you may
learn more.


Gordon Moat
Alliance Graphique Studio