in a very large doent i always like to print out the topped side as
a single side Doent on my standard-printer. So i put the following
javascript-line into the "doent will write"-area:

this.print (false, this.pageNum, this.pageNum);

The code works fine when i test it in the Editor of Acrobat 5.0 or 6.0
- no print-dialog apears, i get only one side out of my printer and
the alert-box tells "ready".

When i'm printing from the menu-entry or the toolbar-icon, acrobat
imediatly pops the standard-printer-dialog. After pressing "ok",
acrobat prints the hole doent and tells "ready" too!

Why does the printer-dialog pop up?
Why does acrobat ignore the first line of the script?

Can somebody help me please?