Hi Bushido,

Please let me know which version of Contribute are you using.
Contribute 4, CS3 and CS4 have the office plugins integrated as a part of

In the Add Ins in Word, Excel and Outlook, you can see the following options

Open In Contribute
Publish to website
Post to Blog

Steps to have the contents of the excel file in the webpage:

1. Open the file with the data
2. Click Open In Contribute
3. Website connections should be done in contribute
4. A dialog pops up with the list of websites connected in Contribute and the
choose template option
5. Select the website from the drop down to which you would like to publish
6. Proceed further
7. Another dialog opens giving various options whether to insert the content
of the doent to webpage, create a link or convert to PDF and embed or create
8. choose to insert the contents of the doent in to the webpage
9. Now you can view the contents of the excel sheet been copied to the webpage
10. You can proceed to edit or publish the same to the website.

Please let me know if this helps