Hi Jerry,

According to my experience, it seems that such issues may possibly be
caused due to the server name being NULL.
To verify this, please open Query yzer, connect to the server, and then
run the following statement:
Select Servername
Normally, this code returns the Microsoft Windows NT machine name of the
To work around this behavior, run the following statement from the Query
Sp_addserver 'servername', 'local'
Note: servername is the Windows NT machine name.
Stop, and then restart the SQL Server.

For more information, please visit the article below:
270061 BUG: Access Violation Occurs When You Debug Stored Procedure

Does it work now? If not, can you connect to the SQL Server using Query
yzer and perform the same operations as the SQL debugging feature. If
the error message occurs with Query yzer as well, then please describe
the process which causes the problem in details using Query yzer so
that I can reproduce it on my side.
I am waiting for your response.

Michael Shao

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| From: "Jerry" <com>
| Subject: Exception Level 19 Error While Debugging
| Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:04:55 -0700
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| I'm working on a .NET development project and have been using the SQL
| debugging feature successfully for sometime. However, I recently got a
| exception C0000005 in the sp_sdidebug process and I can't get past it. The
| log shows an Error: 0, Severity: 19, State: 0.
| Severity Level 19: SQL Server Error in Resource
| These messages indicate that some nonconfigurable internal limit has been
| exceeded and the current batch process is terminated. Severity level 19
| errors occur rarely; however, they must be corrected by the system
| administrator or your primary support provider. The administrator should
| informed every time a severity level 19 message occurs.
| How do I figure out what to do about this? I've attached the exception.log
| and the most recent dump file: sql00018.dmp. It's important that I get
| resolved ASAP. Your help is greatly appreciated.
| Thanks, Jerry