On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 02:21:58PM -0700, Jack Pistachio wrote:
| exim isn't sending out any messages to other mail servers.
| My setup is on a dialup connection, but it used to run
| great for a long time. The only messages being delivered
| are local (to AMDKing).
| Now every attempt returns something like the following from
| an output of tail -n 20 /var/log/exim/mainlog
| 2003-07-16 15:12:26 19ctZa-0000DI-00 <= [email]jackpaccess4cheap.com[/email] U=jackp P=local S=911

A message arrived via stdin (from a pipe).

| 2003-07-16 15:12:26 19ctZa-0000DO-00 <= [email]jackpaccess4cheap.com[/email] U=jackp P=local S=895

Another one.

| 2003-07-16 15:12:27 19ctZa-0000DO-00 ** [email]sng4et.byu.edu[/email] R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp: retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

Informational message.

| 2003-07-16 15:12:27 19ctZb-0000DZ-00 <= <> R=19ctZa-0000DO-00 U=mail P=local S=1722

A bounce was generated, related to message 19ctZa-0000DO-00.

| 2003-07-16 15:12:27 19ctZa-0000DO-00 Error message sent to [email]jackpaccess4cheap.com[/email]
| 2003-07-16 15:12:27 19ctZa-0000DO-00 Completed

As far as exim is concerned, now message 19ctZa-0000DO-00 is done. It
was handled by creating a bounce to be delivered to the sender.

The problem is probably a timeout issue, but you'd need to find all
the relevant log messages (use grep!) to be certain.

| 2003-07-16 15:15:13 19ctMg-00008W-00 mx2.mail. []: Connection timed out

Try running 'telnet smtp'. You have some sort of
networking problem which results in the inability of exim to connect
to remote hosts. Either that or yahoo's network is simply dropping
packets from you.

| 2003-07-16 15:15:36 19ctZa-0000DD-00 mail.screaminetcorp.com []: Connection timed out | 2003-07-16 15:15:36 19ctZa-0000DD-00 == [email]jackpaccess4cheap.com[/email] T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out

The connection timed out while trying to connect to
mail.screaminetcorp.com so the message was deferred for future retry.

The thing to do is debug your network and see why you don't have
TCP/IP-level connectivity. The second thing you may want to do is
change your exim config so it delivers all non-local mail through a
"smarthost relay" instead of trying to connect directly to the
recipient's MX.


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