i have some stored procs where i don't want that other
persons can look at the source. Doing "with encrytion" is
not save, because there are tools to encrypt it. So i am
thinking about changing this stored procs into extended
procedures or activex (com+).
I am programming with delphi 5 pro and i am firm with tsql
but new to activex and extended procedures.
So what are the points i have to take care before i decide
what i will do?
An important point is that i must work with data from the
database and i want to use ADO like in my delphi programs.
So is this easier with activex or with a dll? And what has the
better performance. I heard that a dll can make a big damage
if something goes wrong because it runs in the memory of
sql server - is this true and does this not happen with activex?
Can this part (activex / dll) be changed during runtime of
sql server like a stored procedure?
At least: where can i find information and examples in the
internet about this (i have not found any really helpfull links).