Hi Folks-
I have a pristine PB 5300c, 100mhz PPC, 48 megs of RAM, OS 8.6.
It was repaired through the Apple extended warranty program about 6 months
and received a new motherboard and plastics. I've used it very rarely since
then. It is cosmetically and functionally excellent, nothing missing or
All the ports work. The display is sharp and bright. It includes two
batteries that hold about 1/2 hour of charge each. It also includes the A/C
and owners manual. $70.00 plus postage or best offer.
I have a 33.6 modem that requires no power supply and some SCSI
connectors if you need these, as well as an external Apple CD ROM drive that
I used
with the 5300. for a few bucks more.
I'm in Fairfield, CT if you would like to come see it or prefer to
pick it up.