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F717 -- great handling camera - Photography

In article <>, com says...  This post brought to you buy Sony....

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    In article <>, com

    This post brought to you buy Sony.

    John Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    "John O." <com> schreef in bericht [/ref]
    handling, [/ref]
    natural [/ref]
    handling, [/ref]
    handshake [/ref]
    superior [/ref]
    > This post brought to you buy Sony.[/ref]

    Well, it's never bad to get a reaction from a satisfied owner. I have a
    F707 myself and I'm equally enthousiastic. It gives me more pleasure
    and satisfaction than any other piece of photographic equipment I
    ever bought. If interested, check for my gallery.



    Rene Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    I'll join the 'Me Too.'
    Handling is better than I expected - very natural. I love the bright EVF and
    can live with the slight refresh delay. Lens is as reviewed - extremely
    On screen menu and jog dial allow quick adjustment of all needed functions.

    For my taste, the colour output needs tweaking - but I concede that's a
    matter of personal choice.
    Battery life - absolutely incredible.

    I have no connection with Sony....:)(
    Paul Worden
    remove NOSPAM from email address to reply

    Paul Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    Nah, just shopped and used many cameras before settling down on this one.

    "John O." <com> wrote in message [/ref]
    handling, [/ref]
    natural [/ref]
    handling, [/ref]
    handshake [/ref]
    superior [/ref]
    > This post brought to you buy Sony.

    Ron Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    John O. wrote:
    > This post brought to you buy Sony.

    Noooo! He's been BRANEWARSHED by the Memmory Stick!


    It Came From C. L. Smith's Unclaimed Mysteries.
    Latest pics:

    Unclaimed Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    "Paul Worden" <com> wrote in message

    I'll second the battery life comment. I went on an Alaskan cruise (got back
    the 9th) and when I got to Vancouver at the end of the cruise, they lost
    half my luggage. The part that contained my charger (and my shoes for the
    wedding)! I still had a wedding to go to in Banff, Alberta for a few days.
    I had one battery with about an hour left on it and a fully charged one the
    morning we got off the ship. I was 'cheap' with the usage but I shot over
    450 shots with about 50 with flash on the two batteries during my stay in
    Banff and still got home with 180 minutes on the last battery. The low
    battery had 6 minutes left on it when I put in the fully charged one.

    As a side note, I used a DiscSteno to make CDs on the trip and recycled the
    3 128meg memory sticks. It worked like a charm. Thankfully I still had the
    charger for the DiscSteno.


    Mike Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    "Paul Worden" <com> schreef in bericht

    Yeah, I forgot that one!

    I actually hadn't even noticed it, until I learned what battery life
    other -comparable- cams offer. Some very expensive cams
    are just horrible on power consumption!


    Rene Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    I second your emotions.

    I have owned my F717 for two months now and would recommend it highly. The
    real surprise for me is the quality of movies this camera produces; this was
    quite a bonus. I took the still image quality for granted, since it was
    reviewed by respected sources as "producing the best image quality of any
    prosumer level digital camera." Some may argue with this, but I like the
    realistic rendition of the F717. I can manipuate the picture all I want in
    the computer but I like to start with a high-fidelity image.

    Never again would I tote around my professional-level film SLR :-)

    "Ron" <com> wrote in message 

    Mazi Guest

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    Default Re: F717 -- great handling camera

    I like the handling and it has been a great camera to me over the last
    couple of months. I'm not confident about its rugedness compared to my
    35mm gear. Optical quality, low light performance, night shot (except
    for the light it emits) and low noise compared to some of the other
    digitals I've used are some of its nicest features.

    If there were a new version of the camera tomorrow with faster focusing
    (USM or equivalent) and IS (image stablization or equivalent) I would
    buy it. Obviously I was once a Canon user (and I will be again). I hope
    the shutter lag continues to decrease. Greater control over focusing
    point selection (a little d-pad) and an additional button to
    independently exposure lock would be nice. Additional focusing methods
    (tracking, intelligent, etc) would be welcome. Some additional in-camera
    choices about saturation and contrast would be nice as well.

    Overall I am satisfied with the results I'm getting and the user
    experience when using this tool.

    Ron wrote:

    Benjamin Guest

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