Neat system, aparently fast for the era it comes from (1995). Can run
a multitude of OSes. Auction link at:

Here's more info:

Motorola Powerstack Series E System

A definite rarity; circa 1995; I managed to acquire this system
during my stint in Silicon Valley. I had hoped to spend some time
installing Linux PPC on it (and mostly suceeded) but I do not have the
time to continue tinkering with it. It runs a variety of operating
systems that support the PReP OpenFirmware (IBM's AIX, Microsoft
Windows NT, Sun Microsystems Solaris Beta 2.5, Debian PPC Linux).

Motorola PowerPC 603e, 100mhz, 64MB ram. Really neat stacking setup
to include more drives on the computer. SCSI is onboard SCSI-2, with
two one inch high removable media device bays, one one inch high
non-removable bay for disk, and the scsi expansion enclosure. This
particular model is loaded with a thin profile CDROM, floppy drive, 4
gig harddrive, and DAT tape drive. It has all kinds of interesting
ports on the backside. Video is on a PCI card (Cirrus Logic?), and
audio is onboard. There are three PCI slots on a riser board.

This system is in distinguished company: It has an actual removable
key to start and stop the system.

The case is in good shape; included are the cables to connect the
expansion bay scsi. I will also ship the original copy of Sun Solaris
2.5 Beta that was inside the Powerstack when I got it and the CDs with
the debian linux ppc I was planning to install. I did not complete
the install of debian linux, so it does not boot into the OS; there
are some configuration issues to work out- I'd recommend a fresher and
newer version of Debian anyhow, as this one is at least 3 years old.

Also included is the system manual explaining how to open and upgrade
and attach many of the components- it proved useful and I would have
otherwise hurt the system without it. The above stats come from the

Additional information is available on the web, I do suggest you
google around for additional details.

is a link to an article reviewing the Powerstack.