NEW HERE? Posting Guidelines

Macromedia maintains this user-to-user forum for the benefit of its customers.
The Forums can be accessed via a newsgroup or web forum, with messages posted in
one appearing in the other.

For information on how to post via the forums or newsgroup see:

Using Online Forums with a Web Browser

Using Online Forums with a News Reader.

There are some common-sense rules to follow that help make using the forum a
pleasant experience for all:

1)Be gentle with "newbies."
2)Read before you post
3)Stay on topic
4)Be professional; avoid flames or profanity.
5)When answering quote sparingly
6)Please don't cross-post
7)Please don't create multiple threads
8)Please don't post attachments
9)Posting of pirating information is prohibited
10)No advertising or solicitation, please.


Remember, everyone was a beginner at one time! We don't want people to feel
intimidated. Some may appear on the forum before having read these guidelines,
so give people a break if they don't yet know the intricacies of online

If you don't have the patience to point them politely toward the posting
guidelines, please ignore them and let somebody who does have patience answer

If posters get seriously out-of-hand with regard to consideration of the forum
community, it will usually get the attention of a Macromedia forms
administrator. The administrator can take appropriate measures for chronically
abusive people.


Please make an effort to scan the last few days' posts to see if your question
has already been asked and answered. Much of the traffic on the forum consists
of the same questions asked frequently. You're very likely to find your answer
quickly, and it is a courtesy to others on the forum.

You can search old posts via the webforums at:

or for older posts, you can use Google's newsgroup search:
where GROUPNAME is replaced by the newsgroup name of the group such as
macromedia.flash or

You can search at:

You can also find articles, examples and other resource at the Macromedia DevNet

You can keep up with day to day news, information and resources from Macromedia
through the Macromedia Weblogs


We don't want to be so stuffy that we frown on every humorous or side comment,
but let's try to keep the traffic reasonable. Adding "OT:" or "Off-topic" to the
subject is the standard, accepted way of posting side comments. That way people
in a hurry may avoid the post if they wish.

It's preferable to avoid perpetuating off-topic threads.


If you do feel the need to be critical, make it constructive criticism.

If you're addressing the behavior in the forum, do address the behavior, not the
person. Personal attacks (flame wars) are bad form. Ask yourself: would you say
the same thing if you were face-to-face in person?

Avoid profanity: you know what the words are. If most people wouldn't say it in
front of their mothers, it doesn't belong in the newsgroup. Even posts which are
not flames and which may contain great technical information may be removed
because of offensive language. Remember: you can have a sense of humor, but
maintain a professional tone. Your potential clients or employers may be reading
the forum, and there's no sense in giving them the impression you're too
temperamental to work with!


When replying to a post, it is often advantageous to quote sections of the
original post. However, quoting an entire message can be excessive. Save other
people time and bandwidth by quoting only enough to make clear what you are
responding to.


Most people read more than one forum. Please don't make them read your post
more than once.


Asking the same question in the same forum in a short time can actually work
against you. The thread can't be tracked as easily, and some forum members will
be so annoyed that they may use their newsreader's filter so they won't see your
future posts.

Most newsreaders have a way of marking threads for later retrieval, so you can
more easily track the discussion thread of your own post. See your software's
Help section for details.

Also, whether you post your message via the webforums, or the newsgroup, they
both end up in the same place at pretty much the same time. Please do not post
your question to both the webforum and the newsgroup.

Keep in mind that folks in the forum answer questions out of their own goodwill,
so an immediate answer may not be forthcoming.

Urgent technical questions may be directed to Macromedia Tech Support; for
information, see

Premium Support Programs

Complimentary product support for registered users

If your urgent issue is something outside the services of Technical Support,
such as project design, you may wish to use the Developer Support Locator at
[url][/url] to hire a consultant if need be.


Please be courteous and do not post attachments. Not everyone's newsreader is
equipped to handle attachments, and not everyone has unlimited usage, high-speed
Internet connections. Some people even have to pay a per-minute connection fee,
often for low-bandwidth connections!

If you want people to see your project files, it is better to post a URL where
others can download them at their leisure. Most ISPs provide a small amount of
space for a personal Web site, and there are even a few free Web hosting sites

While you're at it, please try to post in plain test (ASCII) rather than HTML or
rich text, since not all newsreaders can display formatted text.


Macromedia neither condones nor supports software piracy. Posts containing
information about passwords, serial numbers, "warez" locations, or other
information intended to defeat protection of copyrighted material, whether
belonging to Macromedia or not, will be removed.

You can send reports of software piracy to [email][/email]


Macromedia reserves the right to remove "spam" posts. Information about
third-party products or updates may be posted to:


Information about User Group events may be posted to:

Macromedia maintains a Jobs Forum for individuals seeking employment or
employees, or soliciting for contracts or contractors. When posting to the Jobs
Forum, please refrain from discussing pricing issues. Instead, be sure to
include contact information in order that such issues can be discussed privately
outside the forum.

The Jobs Forum is located at: