oops, I meant that Apple said that all 2003 and later models will not
boot up in OS9.

George wrote:
> I was able to get the GV software to work with a G4 running OS9 with the
> built in Apple modem (all iMacs come with a modem). It needs the
> commercial GV software not the software that comes with the original GV
> modem. Since GV is no more, there are serial numbers out there that you
> can use because you can't buy it anymore. I could probably find the sn
> if you need it. However, in posts of about a year or two ago, some
> complained that they couldn't get the GV software to work but it worked
> fine for others with G3/G4 macs.
> At this point, I would recommend using OSX (you have to with any 2004
> models per Apple). I'm skeptical that GV software will work with
> Classic. The FaxSTF software was buggy so I switched to PageSender and
> like it nearly as much as the old GV software although I still haven't
> figured out how to use my NOW-contact phonebook with it. You can
> download and use for free until you choose to buy - not expensive.
> Walt Atwood wrote:
>> Currently, our family business office uses a beige G3 hooked to an
>> external
>> Global Village Teleport 56K fax-modem. The Global Village is handy because
>> its Global Village fax center software works with the modem to screen out
>> incoming faxes on the voice line and store them on the computer's hard
>> drive. The stored faxes are easily to handle, organize or print out at
>> will.
>> It's also easy to broadcast faxes to multiple locations at once.
>> While e-mail has put a noticeable dent in the usage of faxing, we
>> still find
>> the Global Village setup valuable. Some people and businesses still use
>> faxing as a preferred means of doent transmission.
>> Now we're looking at the possibility of buying a new 17-inch iMac to
>> replace
>> the G3. You can find refurbished ones on the 'net for $200 off. I'm
>> not sure
>> if a serial/modem port adapter to USB will be enough to get this existing
>> modem to work with a new iMac. I also looked at replacing the GV setup
>> with
>> one of those new fancy multi-function printers. The problem is, many
>> do not
>> handle fax broadcasting and none handle incoming faxes electronically.
>> It would be nice if we could retain the electronic functionality of faxing
>> with a new machine, but it seems like the old saying: "You can't get there
>> from here". :-)
>> --WA