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File Browser Not Working - Adobe Photoshop Elements

Elements opens OK, but my File Browser will not search out or open any files...

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    Default File Browser Not Working

    Elements opens OK, but my File Browser will not search out or open any files
    Bill Jamieson Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    Bill, please add a little more information about the platform and operating system you're using. It also might help to review the steps you're taking when using the Browser and where the image files are located that you're trying to access. The problem might be as simple as a wrong path, although that's not likely.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    I have 2 computers,1 with XP and the other Windows 2000. The 1 with Windows 2000 will not allow me to use the File Browser. It did work fine for 4 months. I didn't load any new software to affect it. I did try several times to reinstall the Software with no improvement.
    Bill Jamieson Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    I don't remember anybody ever experiencing a corrupted Preference folder effecting the Browser, but it wouldn't hurt to try. An uninstall/reinstall won't get that folder unless you do a separate search and destroy mission. With Elements closed, click on the start up icon and then make a quick grab for the Control, Alt, and Shift keys. Hold all three down until you get a screen asking if you want to delete Settings. Say Yes, and a new one will rebuild as Elements continues to launch. Deleting the Preferences often will correct problems when something that used to work correctly quits. We'll see what happens in this case.

    If this doesn't work, repost and let us know. Maybe someone else more familiar with Windows will have a different suggestion.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    Thanks Beth
    It worked first time, thank you thank you
    Bill Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    I'm glad, Bill! Thanks for coming back and telling us, too. It's always helpful to know what worked and what didn't, just in case this problem pops up again on the forum.
    Beth Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    I've had the same problem. Applying the <Ctl><Alt><Shift> did indeed allow me to rebuild the Preference settings. The Browse Window will open then it locks up. Before rebuilding the Preference settings the Browse window would not open and PE would lock up.

    It's one step closer to working but there yet. I have to shut down PE and restart. The Browse selection locks up every time.

    Any other good ideas

    Running XP SP1 w/Pentium 4 at 1.8 Ghz and 512 Mb ram. Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working

    The one thing I am positive will cause the browser to lock is if you've left a folder open which contains a lot of images. If you have any that do, access it from your hard drive and move some of them out. This same problem can also keep Elements from launching, because the browser will try to generate thumbnails of each image in an open folder.

    If this suggestion doesn't work, take a look at your system and see if you've got stuff built up in cache folders or might need to do some defragging of your hard drive. Guest

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    Default Re: File Browser Not Working


    I am going absolutely nuts with the file browser in PE not working consistently with Win2k.

    I use MSFP (sorry, as I find Adobe stuff Greek to me) and the PE file browser will not see any folders that seem to be tagged by MSFP as a web folder.

    SO, I can't use PE to read the images in those folders! Any ideas would be most appreciated with thanks.

    You could alert me an answer please com .


    Frank Guest

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