Save the Script.

Edit it

Look for the following lines in the DoExport and DoForceExport functions and
change as necessary, taking into consideration why the character limit was
put there in the first place, according to the comments....

if (App.platform == "mac") {
// Macintosh filenames are limited to 31 characters (including the
// which is easy to overflow by accident, and produces weird errors if we
// try to use 'em. The exporter will typically append an extension to the
// end, which may be up to 5 characters long (well, it actually could be
// but rarely is). So we will constrain the base filename here to 26
// ( == 31 - 5) so that this problem is minimized.
if (theName.length > 26) {
theName = theName.substr(0, 26);


"marcusmook" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We have named a large number of images, in the format
> Some file names are upto 40 chars long to make sure we have the approrite
details stored for each image. When batching these through fireworks (2004
or v6) it cuts all file names to 26 chars. Anybody know how to get around
this or any settings to change?
> thanks
> Marcus