I have a dynamically generated datagrid with several checkboxes: It is a
huge grid with checkboxes in every column that I had pivoted from a
two-column table.

Basically, the 2-column table goes like this: Server1, 80; Server1, 433;
Server2, 137 and it was generated into a pivot table as such:

SvrName | 80 | 137 | 433
Server1 | X | | X
Server2 | | X |

The goal: as users check/uncheck those checkboxes, it'll update the
underlying database. I'm trying to capture the column name so I may put it
as a param for the stored procedure. It is captured through the
OnCheckChanged property of the checkbox.

I was able to get the DataGridItem Cells[0] which captures the server name
when I click on any of the checkboxes, but I'm at a loss on how to capture
the column name too: either 80, 433, 137. Since this is dynamically
generated, the column names won't always be fixed.

Thanks for your assistance!