didn't think that this could be so tricky. ;)

I have a table:
ID, Cycle, Name, Institution, Phone, Fax

There are entries that have duplicates, triplicates or even n-plicates:
34, 1, Hansi Mueller, Acme, 456, 321
35, 2, Fritz Meier, Xyz, 4711, 0815
37, 2, Hansi Mueller, Acme, 123, 456
35, 2, Fritz Meier, Xyz, 4711, 1492
42, 2, Hansi Mueller, Acme, 123, 321
49, 2, Fritz Meier, Abc, 753, 951

I want to filter out the surplus entries (those where Name and Institution
are identical), leaving the ones with the highest "Cycle" and, if there are
two with the same "Cycle", leaving the one with the highest "ID".

Maybe this has to be done in two queries, first mapping the order in "Cylce"
to the order in "ID".
I didn't even manage to do it with considering only the "ID" and not the
"Cycle", that would be enough for now.
If that is of any help: In this case, it's no problem to change the "ID",
which is the primary key, but it would be interesting if it can be done
without that.

It's a MySQL > 4.1.

Thanks and best regards,