For all those with PDFMaker5 problems in MS Word, I have just spent
the past 9 hours trouble-shooting this problem on 2 computers and I
believe I have the answer.

My setup:
WindowsXP SP1
Office XP SP1
Acrobat 5.0.5

The issue:
Acrobat and/or PDFMaker tool buttons missing from Word menu
Word may crash on exit and/or start-up

The cause:
PDFMaker add-in corrupts the global template (
This nearly always happens if you move the Acrobat menu item from its
default position to the right of Help to another position (eg. between
Tools and Table) or you customise the menu in any way.

The fix:
rename your global to
Start MS Word, it will create a new
Ensure PDFMaker Add-in is loaded
Go to Tools => Templates and Add-ins => Organizer
Copy from to any Styles, Autotexts etc..

Also, disable Word as your mail editor in MS Outlook or else start
Outlook after Word.

I have submitted this info to Adobe's bug reporting web page.