Can someone please help me with my flash audio problem on my Yahoo 360 youtube
blog posts?

The video is playing fine but I cannot hear the audio....was working fine
until I upgraded to flash 9 from ver 7 I believe it was.

I can hear audio on the youtube site, I can hear yahoo videos, google videos,
other videos on my Yahoo 360 blog pages.

Everyone else can hear my youtube blog videos but me.


I can hear all my system sounds. I can hear all my mp3s with realplayer,
winamp, windows media player...all up to date I might add.

I have uninstalled, with the uninstall program tool, 3 times the Flash 9
player and reinstalled...

I have restored, I have updated all my audio drivers, I have upgraded to IE7,
I have dumped my history, temp files, caches, and cookies...and yes dang it, my
volume is turned up!! I have checked midimapping and wavemapping in
registry..everything seems to be in order..

Nothing is working.

I have been in email contact with youtube for a couple imbed codes
are correct; they give up...I am almost there..very frustrated at this point.