:mad; I am at my wits end with the macromedia Flash 9 player. I have been
trying to fix the problem for weeks and have been negecting my children to fix
Flash 9's mistake and there is no phone support for the Flash 9 only internet
tech support. I keep emailing tech support with my problem and they keep
sending me the same generic email that says" clik here to uninstall and then
re-install" I tried that like a million times so I send them a email back
saying do not send me that email again it does not solve my problem and they
respond with the same email. I serious think the tech support don't even read

I tried installing the flash 9 player a few weeks ago when Myspace prompted
me. now I cannot see anything I keep going and uninstalling and re installing
and now all I get when I click download now where the install video is suppose
to be I get " mark so I read the tech note
I did the regedit suggestion and it still did not work. I was having trouble
also removing the program from my add/remove program in my control pannel and
removing the safe versions seemed to help that. I finally found a link that
seemed to help me fairly sucessful download Flash 9 which is
Close any Explorer/Internet Explorer/Firefox windows you have open
Close any anti virus soft you might have running:

1: download
2: Click Start>Run and enter c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\UninstFl.exe
3: Run the file you just downloaded
4: Go to Start>Run and type in regsvr32

This suggestion seemed to solve my " problem now the only thing I need to over
come is as I download the flash 9 it says it sucessfully down loads but then I
get a dialog box that says:

Error 1904
failed to register HRESUIT - 2147220473
contact your support personel

I think if I can figure this out my problem will be solved can anyone help me?
If not I hope this helps someone.
I have given up all hope this is my last ditch effort.
Please help me!