Hello all you brainy members,

Is anyone else using FMS2 with Centos?
I have got it all up and running and have a webcam chat room running, supplied
by flashcoms.
My problem is when i get 30 + members online the server really struggles.
server load hits 20. and when get 40 on it freezes the app. Which i then have
to manually restart the server from shh.

I have got 2 150 user licences so there no developer edtion restrictions,
although all i have done is added the licences and not brought the server
software. Have installed the 2.2 update though.

Im using a dual zeons 2.8's server, which i suppose to support more that 40
users. procesor is clocking 86% + and the fms console always hits 100% at 30
users, but does spike now and again!

can anyone help?