i just installed a developers version of the flash media server on a windows
i don't have any problems while starting my applications on the server itself.
the problem only appears when i try to connect from a different computer
which is not located in this network,
at least a connection from "outside".

there is no firewall right now on that server that this can't be the problem.

when starting the media server by the managment console i also do login with
the domain-name of the server and not with localhost...locally all is working
well...but not from outside.

i also try to test port 1935, 443 and 80, but none succeed from outside.

what i also tried is to run a version of the flash communication server 1.5 on
my home pc also running a windows server. in this case i had the same problems:
could only get a connection locally but not from outside...i.e. the connection
to the server failed.

anyone an idea?