I use the slideshow feature in Acrobat to give presentations. Maybe that's a
crazy idea, but anyway, I do. I have an Acrobat slideshow with an embedded
Flash movie that used to play very nicely.

Now I've switched to an Intel Mac and Flash 9 beta. When I play the
slideshow, Acrobat gives me an error that it can't play the movie, and then it
wants to take me to download an additional player. Okay, fine. But the
download page it takes me to is for QuickTime Pro. Will that really help? Why
won't Flash 9 beta work with Acrobat? I don't see any standalone player in my
download... that may have something to do with it.

Anyway, I would have hoped for greater integration with Acrobat now that Flash
Player is an Adobe app. How to bridge this gap? Matt.