The thing is that I`m programming Flash Movies with Studio 7, and the same
files does not work with Flash Player 8.
That make a lot of problems for all developers.
If I make two movies and I bring one into the other wiht a button:
"on (rollOver) {
loadMovieNum("second movie.swf", 1);

This will happend with out problems. But !!!!!

In the "second movie.swf" I put another button with this action:

""on (rollOver) {

With (Flash Player 7) this action works with " Internet Explorer, Firefox,
Netscape and Safari".
With (Flash Player 8) this action does onli works with "Internet Explorer".

Is the same file just diferent player.

I instaled Flash Player 7 again so i can see the movies that I made with
Studio 7.
The point is, Why is not compatible the same file, made and play with
Macromedia products?