my name is Ladislav Sopko and I am the project manager
for our mapping solution MapWorld.

MapWorld is a dynamic flash based cartographic visualizator
for the Internet ([url]http://www.mapworld.it[/url]). Until FlashPlayer8 (which
is really
revolutionary, and we are really
happy of it) we didn't have any problems with memory on client

Flash player ver 8.0.22.x (also stand alone ver 8),
seems to have memory problems when dragging big polygons
(i.e. polygons with limits out of clipped visible region)
It uses memory in 2-10MB a time, and all system memory in
2-3 minutes of map navigation.

We tested it on FP6 and FP7 and the problem does not exist.

You can download files:


testing link:

[url]http://test.mapworld.it/FPmemoryBug/MemoryProblem.swf[/url] (hit button +
6-7 times
and check TaskManager during drag)

Try it by yourself. Open MemoryProblem.swf in FP8.
When opened in FP, extend player to full window,
and make 100% zoom by menu FP. Then try to drag over blue square
and check memory allocations in TaskManager (with added column Memory
Try this on different zooms (hit 6-7 times button +), problem starts
to be
evident when country limit polygon is zoomed in
and its limits are not visible.


- source project
- swf genereted for Flash6
- testing big polygon generated by our cartographic server

Testing environment:

Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195 SP4 (fully updated)
2*AMD 1600+ 1.5GB RAM
Flash players 6,7,8, 8.0.22 for Explorer