I have a computer equipped with:

Pentium III 666Mhz
Video card: GeForce 4 MX 64 Meg (with latest drivers)
512 Meg Ram
Windows Xp pro SP2 (clean install after format recently so very low chance of
virus or worm)
Hard drive C: (15 Go - 7 Free)
Hard drive D: (120 Go - 70 free)
Latest flash player downloaded from adobe.com

Before installing SP2, flash player worked fine. After SP2, flash video
streaming not working properly. Video dropping frames, skips, sound skips,
flickers, swf animation not fluid. Use to work fine prior to SP2. For
example, I use to view streaming from yuotube.com without problem. Now, can
hardly watch video because they are skipping too much. Tried to reinstall
flash player from adobe.com and also tried to reinstall flash player from
standalone installer, no result. Need help.