Hello there,

I believe the ActiveX beta upgrade (from 9.0.16 to 9.0.21b) is not yet working
properly, at least not with systems which have FP 9 (9.0.16) pre-installed.
Logical thinking is my middle name :cool so I know that software and
clairvoyance do not go together...

A Windows system with FP9 installed has a Flash9.ocx control in
If you install the beta upgrade, you will get another control installed into
the system dir, Flash9b.ocx.
But if you surf the web you will still be presented with the old control, i.
e. the freshly installed 9.0.18 / .21 versions will have absolutely no effect,
whereas they do in Firefox! In FF, you have a plug-in (do not confuse with
ActiveX, these are two different things/files).

So am I right in assuming the installer should be updated ASAP?
I believe that if you do the beta upgrade, old Flash9.ocx should be removed
from the system and REPLACED by Flash9b.ocx, which on its part gets re-renamed
to Flash9.ocx. Otherwise IE *cannot* recognize the beta control. No, it cannot.