Can anyone help? Notwithstanding the issues that seem to be surrounding Flash 9
(according to the Forum) I can't get it anyway.

I have v7 installed and was browsing the "Casino Royale" site a few weeks ago
which told me I needed Flash 8 - click to download. This took me to the Adobe
download page (for v9) which fails to download every single time.

I also cannot now play 'winks' in Windows Live Messenger - I assume that in
the last day or two they have upgraded so that v9 is needed. Their link also
fails to download Flash 9. The 'emergency link' then just takes me back to
Adobe's download page which doesn't work.

I keep leaving negative feedback on this page but they still don't amend the
page so it works.

How have those that have v9 got it? Is there an alternative site that works? I
can't find one anywhere that doesn't take me back to Adobe's faulty
non-functioning download page.