A few days ago, I installed the new (non-beta) flash-player version 9 for Linux.
But I still have the same problem that I had in beta 2. Improved from beta 1,
but still quite annoying.

When watching flash (.flv) videos on, for example youtube.com or
livevideo.com, the video sometimes freezes, when the audio stutters (or loops)
a few times.
This doesn't happen all the time, as I sometimes can watch a whole video
without a problem. Other times this can happen lots of times in videos just a
minute or two long.

Sometimes it seems that this happens if you do something else at the same
time, but other times, it does so regardless of what you do.
This never happens in flash player 7.

This is not the same thing as when the download is too slow. Then it just
stops for a while, and starts again after a while.

This happens even if the whole video is downloaded, and I watch it a second
time - but not necessarily in the same place. The problematic place can usually
be played through without a problem if you rewind a few seconds and try again.
But then it might start stuttering in another place (where it didn't happen the
first time).

I have an 1.3 GHz AMD Duron with 1GB of memory. Geforce 3 graphics. Linux
2.6.18. Firefox (same thing in firefox 1.5).