I have a flash based application that I am having a data transfer issue with.

1 particular user can access the flash application which is populated from our
server via XML. However when he tries to send data back to the server nothing
is received.

He has a Mac Book Pro laptop and when he is at home he has no issues using the
application to receive data and sending it back....but when he is in his office
with the same Mac Book he can only receive and not send back.

I am guessing it is some sort of Firewall issue. Can anyone tell me what I
can discuss with their IT department on what they need to open up in order for
the Flash Player to send data back (although he is receiving data fine) to our

Is this more of a firewall/network issue or a Flash Player setting? I am not
too familiar with the various firewall settings and how it relates to flash
permissions etc.

Thank you for your response