Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone may be able to give some light on this problem - here goes:

My team and I are currently working on a Flash application that uses Flash
Remoting and Coldfusion (using CFC files) to connect to an Oracle Database. The
Application is running on Windows 2003.

The problem we are getting is related to our Flash Remoting setup (using the
RemotingConnetor Component) and it talking to the Coldfusion server. Generally
the setup/code works fine and each system can speak with each other perfectly.
However, occasionally (and this seems very random) the Flash Remoting just
stops and can no longer find the Coldfusion server.

Now, our application does request information fairly often. For example we
have numerous FlashRemoting components each doing their own thing (in different
movieclips) that are each speaking with different cfc files at numerous
occasions - some of these are through user requests and some are automatic i.e.
every 30 secs, every 5 mins etc.

Has anyone got any ideas why Flash may be loosing its connection? It seems
very strange that it can work fine for days and then one morning the
application will loose its connection up to 5 times. Obviously at this stage I
am not sure whether this is a Flash problem or a Coldfusion problem.

Any help (or suggestions) will be much appreciated.