Hey all,
I'm new to this newsgroup, and quite a newbie in flash mx. I have some
questions for the experts on here. I'm looking in creating a website for
myself, just so I can get the hang of it. My questions are:

What would be the general lay out of the flash file? Would all the
information be in one fla?

How do you do the navigation menu, like the one found on
[url]http://www.myphysio.com/[/url] how did they make the button with drop down that
slids in from the side?

As I said before i'm a newbie at Flash, I've only done flash presentation
and banners. Never really designed a website in flash. If anyone can send
me an Fla file of their website, that would be very helpful to me. I can
try to figure it out from the file. Below are some of my works, maybe you
guys can tell me what u think about them. But these are all just basic
animation, i really want to expand on my flash skills from designing
presentation and banners to actually making a website in flash.


Flash intro animation made for the plasma screen in the offices lobby.

note: Hit "F11" once the page loads, it's meant to be viewed in full


Database front-end prototype design.


Banner design for one of my friend.


Flash intro for Polytechnic University Robotics Club.