I have a Nikon N65. As I've said many times before--almost as if I'm
apologizing for choosing a N65, and I'm not (just acknowledging how
great the N80 is)--I love and covet the N80 but went ahead with the
N65 (a not half-bad camera frankly) because it was on clearance and I
got it for like $70 off--$230 instead of $300, with the lens.


As of late my main usage for it--if not the artiest--is taking photos
of my son that look decent. They're inside photos. The cheap point &
shoot rangefinders do a HORRIBLE job (gee, that's a surprise). Just
yesterday I had a situation where it was difficult to get him to
smile, but at one point he did, a very lovely smile. I took pictures
as rapidly as I could. Having not yet purchased a Nikon SB50DX (or
Sunpak PZ5000AF) yet, I used the built-in flash. Every photo came out

It didn't occur to me so much at that time, but a very crucial issue
saw to my being able to take some 5 photos within a 15 second or less
time frame--quick recycling of the flash. Apparently that little flash
has some lightning-flash recycling time. (The CR2 lithium batteries
were on like the 4th roll at the time.) In the past, I would use a
Vivitar 283 flash and it would--with me anyway--regular take 5-10
seconds between shots. I do recall in the past a Vivitar 3500 flash
having quick recycling times between shots--if not with regards to
recycling initially, but not the 283.

In short, recycling time has always been an issue in the past, and I
wonder about it now.

Like I said, my built-in flash apparently was recycling very quickly
in order for me to take something like 5 photos in a 10-15 second
period. So, two questions.

One, how does one deal with this issue? I anticipate a different
scenario when I use the Nikon SB50DX or Sunpak PZ5000AF full-sized
flashes. What are your guys' (and girls') experiences with this
issues--either in general or with this camera/flash specifically?

Also, apparently with the built-in flash the shutter locks if the
flash isn't fully recharged. Would this also be the case with
dedicated units like the SB50DX or Sunpak? Would it not lock-down if
you used any of those flashes in manual mode, or if you use a
non-dedicated unit like the Vivitar 283?