I am having some puzzling problems when trying to play video streamed from
FCS. I will appreciate any assistance I can get.

Win XP Pro
FCS 1.5 on localhost
Flash 8 Pro
Flash Player 8
FLVPlackback component
Streams available in:
C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\flashcom\applications\myApp\str eams\instance1

When myApp first loads, it reads an XML configuration file. Based on the
content of the file, it loads and begins to play a designated video stream. The
app sets the FLVPlayback.contentPath property to the absolute URL of the target
stream: rtmp://localhost/myApp/instance1/stream1.flv. The stream is loaded into
the playback component, and the app invokes the FLVPlayback.play() method. The
FCS Admin Console Diagnostic tab shows that there is one live instance of
myApp, the Maintenance tab shows that it is named instance1, and the Live Log
tab shows "Connect : rtmp://localhost:1935/myApp/instance1".

Things start to go bad when the user clicks on a link in the UI to play a
different stream. On click, the app stops the player, sets the contentPath to
"rtmp://localhost/myApp/instance1/stream2.flv", and again invokes the play()
method. The behavior observable in the UI is that the first stream freezes when
the user clicks the link, the horizontal green barber pole indicates that the
player is busy buffering, the other player controls are completely
unresponsive, of course, because the player is in an unresponsive state during
buffering, and there is no way out of this impasse short of killing the app.
Under the covers, the FLVPlayback.state property has been set to
"connectionError"; the Admin Console shows that there are now two live
instances of myApp, named instance1 and _definst_, and the Live Log tab shows
the following entries: "Connect : rtmp://localhost:1935/myApp/instance1",
"Disconnect : rtmp://localhost:1935/myApp/instance1", and "Connect :
rtmp://localhost:1935/myApp". Somehow the instance name was dropped from, or
ignored in, the contentPath string for the second video, and therefore FCS
assumed the default instance, _definst_. There is no _definst_ directory under
myApps/streams, and I assume that's what causes the connection error.

Does this behavior result from a bug, a feature, or a simple lack of
understanding on my part?
Which is causing the behavior, FCS or FLVPlayback?
Why do things work the first time we try to play a video but then fail on the
second attempt?
How can I work around the problem?