Has anyone used Spanish text with Flash? We are developing with flash MX and dreamweaver. Any line in our flash text block with an accent mark over the letter changes the display of the entire line of text. Other lines without accents on them display as expected (correctly). If same text block is copied into dreamweaver and shown in browser, all lines display in proper font.

Tested on Mac and PC versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Only gives error on Mac browser versions. Text is dynamic, Arial, 16 points. Have also tested in several other fonts including: Times, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, Georgia, etc. (Main system fonts that cross platforms.) As I understand it, flash text blocks must be dynamic to be read by screen readers, and ours is a population that may require that accomodation. Therefore, I have not tried to convert to static text. Although, other items not being read are static text and they display consistantly across all browsers and platforms.

HELP! I am sort of a newbie and would welcome any assistance. Thanks.