hi all
I need to add annotation of "FreeText" type (Text Box Tool)
having some text.I am able to add annotation, set the content text and
set color.But for some pdf files whose text font size are smaller,
annotation's contents are visible only on double clicking on it.

The code I wrote, is as follows--->

PDAnnot pdMyAnnot = PDPageAddNewAnnot(m_PDPage, -2,
ASAtomFromString("FreeText"), &asAnnotBox);

// Sets the Annotation title
PDAnnotSetTitle(pdMyAnnot, "Title", _tcslen("Title"));

// Set the contents of the Annotation
PDTextAnnotSetContents(pdMyAnnot, "Content", _tcslen("Content"));

// set the color of the annotation to yellow
PDAnnotSetColor(pdMyAnnot, pdColor);

Now , I want to set the font size of content text , so that it can be
visible without double clicking.

Can anyone help me pls?
thanks in advance