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Another new photo management system. Cross platform. I don't know anything about it, but saw it recommended for people who are stuck with scanning and cataloging hundreds of photos. <>...

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    Default For all you archivers

    Another new photo management system. Cross platform. I don't know anything about it, but saw it recommended for people who are stuck with scanning and cataloging hundreds of photos.

    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Default Re: For all you archivers

    Thanks for the link Barb. I think I played with an earlier version of iView at one time and decided it wasn't for me. I can't remember why, so I'll download it a play for awhile. :-)

    I'm always in the market for new software!

    Joe Henry1000 Guest

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    Or did you try QPict, Joe? That's the one I use, although it's not cross platform like iView.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Yeah I tried QPict too. You put me onto that one Beth. I think I've about tried them all.
    Joe Henry1000 Guest

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    Default Re: For all you archivers


    Could you give us a report when you have finished your evaluations? Please!

    Beth, Would you give the reference?


    carl sutherland Guest

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    Here are my first impressions.

    iView Media <> is a full featured media managment program that allows you to catalog, orgainize and manipulate all types of media including digital images, video and digital audio.

    To set up a catalog, all you do is drag and drop individual images (movies or audio) or folders of media onto iView's main window <>. Lickity-split, iView creates a thumbnail gallery <> of your media. You can then manipulate the media a number of different ways. You can batch rename files, create slide show presentations, build web galleries, etc. Double clicking on a thumbnail enlarges <> the image (or in the case of video or audio, start playing)and provides additional information such as EXIF/Metadata.

    iView allows you to open media in your preferred application. Select the image, and then click on the Application icon. A fly out <> menu appears where you can select to open the image in the "Creator" application, such as PSE, or you can choose a different program as well. iView also allows you to select Helper Applications <> that can view, edit or e-mail media files. I didn't play around with this feature (as you can tell by the screen shot) but I'm assuming you can set iView up to open an image file in PSE, for instance, when you double click a thumbnail, similar to iPhoto.

    iView seems to have a pretty robust print function as well. I didn't print anything from iView but played around a bit with the print settings <>. Like PSE you can print contact sheet, contact lists (a list with small thumb nails) as well as full sized prints.

    iView also has many options for organizing and cataloging media files. You can assign keywords and a bunch of other tags to media for easy searching (includes boolean searches) and organizing. In addition to catologing media files on your computer, you can also catalog files on removable media such as CD's.

    All in all, iView Media seems like a pretty nice program. If you use OS X on a Mac Carl, you already have one of the best cataloging/orgaizing programs on the planet in iPhoto. iView would duplicate some of the functionality of iPhoto. But if you're using a pre OS X Mac OS or Windows, iView would be a great program to have around. Even if you use iPhoto there are a ton of additional features that would make this a very useful program for anyone who needs to organize digital media files.

    I've only scratched the surface of wht iView has to offer. I'll post additional
    info as I play with iView more.

    Joe Henry1000 Guest

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    Default Re: For all you archivers

    'Morning, Joe. Thanks for the review. I'm curious--I've seen two or three references to iview making better jpgs than "save for web" does. Whaddya think?
    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Hi Barb,

    I made a quick web gallery <> with iView's very basic Export as Html <> option. I personally can't tell if the jpgs are any better. I can say that you have a lot more control/settings/options with PSE. iView's html generator is nice and does a competent, if not fancy, job of web gallery creation.

    Here are some more impressions.

    You can set a number of preferences <> in iViews,you guessed it, preferences. In the screen shot you can see that you can set iView to launch PSE when you double click a photo (ala iPhoto). You can also set the size of the scratch disk from here.

    iView also lets you import <> from various sources, in an almost identical fashion as Image Capture. In my case (as you can see in the screen shot) I have two options: directly from my camera, or from Epson Twain. Here is the File <> menu which shows you some of the different options.

    Here is a better shot of the information you can access while in Info <>mode. There is actually quite a bit of info here, much more than I knew about. Here is more of the Exif <> window.

    I don't think I posted an image of the list view option <>. I like this view a lot. You can select it from the tabs along the top of iView's window or through the Window menu <>. As you can see from the screen shot, there are a number of other options here as well.

    This last image is of the options available when you click theOrganize <> button. Each one of those options allows you to organize and catalog your media to a much greater extent than many other programs I've checked out. Seems pretty powerfull in that respect.

    All in all, I'm pretty impressed with iView Media. It does a lot of things that other programs (like iPhoto) do and more. One thing to note about iView is that it isn't an editor. You can't, for instance, save a tif as a jpg, unless you're generating html. iView Media is stricktly a cataloger/organizer. It's a nice program.

    Joe Henry1000 Guest

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    Default Re: For all you archivers

    Wow, Joe. Thanks for all the links!
    Barbara Brundage Guest


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