For Sale:

CCNA Router and Switch eSIM

The official router and switch simulation software for CCNA exam preparation
and self-study

The interactive learning products on two CD-ROMs enable you to:

- Practice with open and freely configurable software-based network
simulation environment enables hands-on exploratory activities and
- Work with three different network environments: five routers, three
switches, and two switches with one router
- Develop and implement your own IP addressing schemes
- Save and load your router and switch configurations
- Configure 2500 series routers, 1900 series switches, VLANs, ACLs, and
hosts within the simulation environment
- Use syntax-oriented labs, instructional videos, visual training, and
self-assessment questions for additional skills training and CCNA

Brand new (I only used it for a few months)!!

Only $50 (pay in advance or C.O.D.)