I have a tcsh script that generates some dates and then is used to grep a file.

The working code line is:
setenv BSTODAY `/bin/perl -e'months = qw(Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec); x=localtime time; $month=months[$x[4]]; $day=sprintf"%2d",$x[3]; $year=sprintf"%04d",$x[5]+1900; print "$month $day $year";'`

which today would produce Dec 14 2011
the file I am grep'ing through would have records looking like this:
Dec 14 14:36:32 2011

So what I want to generate the following pattern for the grep command
Dec 14.*2011

And skip any kind of timestamp between the day and year.

Using this on the command line works great. I can't get the script line to add the .* between $day and $year.

How can I do this?