I would recommend session variables. Try this:


-- Mike

Michael Langner
Macromedia Technical Support

Michelle A. wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Looking for some help setting up some asp.net forms along with using session
> variables.
> To keep my example simple, here is what I would like to do.
> Visitor starts at page one: enters first name -- presses the "next" button.
> Visitor continues to page two: enters middle name (information previously
> entered will display at the top for verification purposes) -- pressed the
> "next" button
> Visitor comes to the last page for the form and enters last name -- press
> next button.
> The last page is a review page where the user can make sure all the info is
> correct and presses the "submit for processing" button where the user
> information will be written to an sql database.
> The form will be more obviously have more information to fill out besides
> just your name between three pages, but the logic is the same for each page.
> I just need help getting things started on this scaled down version of what
> I want to do. Any links or code ideas would be great.
> Thanks in advance for your reply.
> Michelle