I'm rather new to Access and I haven't been able to find
an answer to this situation in Access Help, Access Bible
or in another training guide.

In Access Forms, I created a pivot table from a querry
based on a linked table. When creating the pivot table
using the pivot table wizard, I selected the fields from
the querry that I wanted to appear in the pivot table.

Since creating the pivot table, an additional field has
been added to the source linked table (excel spreadsheet).

I updated the link for the Access table and modified the
querry to include the new field. However, when I get to
Access Forms to add the new field to the list of those in
Pivot Wizard I am unable to find a way to add the new
field to the list of querry fields included in the pivot
table. Unlike Querry where you select from the field name
list, the Pivot Table and Pivot Wizard do not appear to
provide that feature (at least the I can find).

Access Help shows you how to add a field to the pivot
table if it was in the original list of fields sellected
when the pivot table was created. If you open the Pivot
table and then Pivot Wizard your only options in layout
are to select from the original list of fields and that
list is not updated with new fields when the sourcy querry
is modified with the new field.

It is a rather complex pivot table and I'd rather not have
to recreate a completely new PT to incorporate the new
field. Any suggestions or can anyone point me to the
feature that allows me to add the new field from the
querry to the pivot table?

Thanks So Much