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I was on the Photoshop and Photoshop Album forum. So far, Elements and Album are the worst when it comes to speed (via a newsreader, that is), and Photoshop is almost as fast as it was before. Anybody else noticed that ?...

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    Default Forum speed...

    I was on the Photoshop and Photoshop Album forum. So far, Elements and Album are the worst when it
    comes to speed (via a newsreader, that is), and Photoshop is almost as fast as it was before.

    Anybody else noticed that ?

    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Can this "new" layout be read in Outlook? :confused:
    JoAnn Amerson Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    I can read it, no problem. The only problem I have is that emoticons appear in :text:


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Hi Ray, I miss our class,, even though I got way behind, I learned so much!
    Saw your Challange entries, the first one is awesome, a bit of Bryce perhaps? Beautiful! This sure is a neat Challange.

    I still can't get the regular forum to work with Netscape 4, so I have to use IE. Very very slow,,,,,,, (Mac)

    (Douglass=Carter, it is my maiden name, can't remember why I use it on the IE part.) :smile:

    I hope Adobe gets this back to normal soon, I need it.
    Jane Douglass Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Forum speed is still a major issue here; it simply is unacceptable at the
    moment in web mode. It works a little better in newsgroup mode, but it
    still takes a long time for posts to be processed. Hopefully, the Adobe
    folks are still on the case...

    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Removed by Administrator
    Dick Smith Guest
    Moderated Post

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Well, it is normal for this to happen when upgrading WebX. I would not be surprised if this continues for another couple of days, actually. Wouldn't mind it so much myself if it weren't for the purpose of something as hideous as the new interface, though.
    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    I've got broadband access and since the format change, it feels like I'm back to the days of a 14.4 modem!

    Anyone else have the adage, "If it ain't broke..." strumming through their thoughts?
    Ken Wolin Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Y'all might want to read this:

    John Cornicello, "Forums Performance Issues" #, 18 Aug 2003 8:35 am </cgi-bin/webx?50.2ccce5f4>

    BTW, I have decided the new look is just too painful to waste time looking at, so I probably won't be around here much in the future. Anyone who needs help with any mac-ish stuff, if Joe Henry and others aren't around, please feel free to e- me at
    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Well, i don't want to complain too much. I'm here in between working on graphics/taking care of little ones/ housecleaning/laundry/dishes/sunning :cool: but when i'm here I want to get through it at a 'normal' speed...this is MY time and i hate wasting it waiting for pages to open. I don't want to complain though.

    Hi Beth ! we're back ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Hi Barbara and everybody, I hope that Adobe can put this back to normal, because I sure am having a lot of trouble too with this 'new' forum. I can't even get the pages to load half the time.

    I need you people! I read and study this forum daily.
    Could we all go over to the Yahoo Elements forum until this gets repaired?
    Jane Carter :frown:
    Jane Douglass Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Anyone know if there is a site on instructions and use of this new format? Guess I'm not up to speed on symbols & stc.
    Joe Degelia Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Barbara, use a newsreader software (like Outlook Express). Asside from the very, very annoying
    :boring: and :totally_null: conversion we have for emoticons, you'll be able to skip the interface.
    I know I have no intentions on reading the forum on the web myself as of now.

    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...


    You know it has been almost six months ago that you were nice enough to give
    me detailed instructions on setting up the Adobe news group in Outlook
    Express. Thanks again! It really has been nice using it. (and even
    better right now).


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    I wish I could access the forum in a newsreader... but, since I've always accessed them via browser, I don't know the NNTP server's address.

    Would someone mind posting the server?

    Emoticonlessly yours,


    (I decided to edit, just for drill, to see how it behaves in the new format. Just clicked the EDIT button after my post, and added this parenthetical note.)
    Byron Gale Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Barbara - please don't go - your contributions here are invaluable. But I do understand. This is slow and unpleasant to look at on the web based viwer. I want my old forum back (please!).
    Susan S
    Susan S. Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Thanks Pete... ;-)

    Do you still have the procedure? Now would REALLY be a good time to get it posted again. 'Coz I
    know a few people that are going crazy about this change Adobe just made.


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Ray, and anyone else using the news reader who hates you know...when you use your keyboard to make smiles and winks it shows up as emoticons on the forum ;) ha ha ha how ironic ! ( sorry ...but i thought it funny )

    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    Hey Pete, thanks for keeping notes!!! I was getting ready to rewrite this tutorial again... You
    saved my evening :)))))

    A big thanks to Pete!


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Forum speed...

    This is a test. Thanks Pete for posting the instructions. I was reading
    here, had problems posting though.


    Juergen D Guest

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