I was given a new machine at work this week, running XP. I had to re-install
all my apps (i was running Win2000 before this). When I launch FreeHand 10, I
get a message that says IML32.dll cannot be found and to re-install. The
application launches, even though the message says it didn't or won't, but I
can no longer export files to gif, png and a number of others. These export
files do exist in the Xtras directory, but are not being seen by FreeHand.
I uninstalled and re-installed the application twice. Same results. I realize
that this is an older version of FreeHand, but does anyone have a solution for
this? I've been using FreeHand since version 1.0 and was the beta admin at
Aldus for version 2.0 (on the Mac, of course!), but have never encountered a
problem like this.