Macromedia have finally succeeded in ruining the application I grew to
love. Having used Freehand since version 2, when it was an Aldus
product, I have finally decided to demo illustrator. Illustrator in my
mind was RUBBISH! A real about face way of doing things.

Now, I have nothing but gripes about Freehand:-

I can't even select a group within a paste inside element without
cutting the group back out.

When i click and drag a white object or text I can't see it - something
I recommended to tech support on about version 4.

I can't colour a group of objects without ungrouping them

Unless. someone can tell me any different - I'm gone - going to join
the enemy.

I'm sure you will appreciate my frustration - I've used this software
for 12 years and when it doesn't work like it used to, at the expense
of some whistles and bells that I'll never use, I get MAD!

Freehand - you are the weakest link - Goodbye