You may be having some issues with the vml and use of pngs that 2003
introduced. I'd have to review your pub file to know anything. I'm working
with MS on the extent of the issue and the testing and reviewing of
'real-world' customer pub files will help me to get some resolutions.


From: Geri Manchester
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 9:38 AM
To: pub2003testing
Subject: Sending URL of a Publisher 2003 site

Hi David:

Here is my URL


I am really unhappy and frustrated with Publisher 2003.

A bit of background:

The reason I learned HTML several years ago is because MS FrontPage 97 &
98 were so frustrating and hard to learn.

I just gave up and learned to hand code everything. - For hand coding
example see [url][/url]

I'm now learning CSS and XHTML.

When I started working here at Tel-Serv Business Solutions the owner had
already purchased and used Publisher 2003 to set up their web site.

Now I'm expected to take over and edit and change the site as needed.

Problem 1 - I had the site (hosted at moved from their Apache
server to a Sun server so I could use Front Page extensions on a form I had
set up on page 4. I read everything you and MS had to say on the subject.

I http'd the site over and couldn't use the FP extensions feature. Tim
Molliere, the web contact person at midtel, said he didn't know how to set
everything up.

In short, neither of us could get the extension to work and couldn't get
the form to work.

So, moved the site back to the Apache server.

Since then we have REAL TROUBLE:

An opaque black box blocks out the logo. I can't get rid of it

The site loads slower than molasses in January - even on our DSL

I can't edit anything and once again I am ready to just take down the
site, work hard to hand code everything so I can just ftp my pages and
graphics over.

It's easier than dealing with Microsoft's coding.

If you can help, I'd really appreciate it because I'm not very happy with
Publisher 2003.

Especially if you can help me get rid of the black opaque box over the

Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

Geri Manchester