I'm running Dreamweaver 4 under WinXP Pro and ZoneAlarm personal firewall. I'm trying to establish an FTP connection between Dreamweaver and my website at my ISP, via DSL. I can connect using a separate FTP client (CuteFTP Pro), but when I try from Dreamweaver (by clicking on the "Connects to remote host" or "Put files" buttons) nothing happens. The Remote site pane stays blank and the status line says "Disconnect." The FTP Log file says "ABOR," and nothing else, for each connection attempt. I've given Dreamweaver every possible permission at the firewall, and turned the firewall off, but it makes no difference. Every time I try to connect some dialog appears on the screen but disappears before I can read it. I've tried all sorts of configuration permutations with no results.

Thanks for your help.