Charles Martin (org) wrote: 
> Your brother's directory is seriously hosed. You
> need to buy him a copy of Diskwarrior ASAP. If you
> guys can't afford that, then just do a clean
> install of the system now and save yourselves a
> lot of lost data later.[/ref]

I just ran into this same problem and DiskWarrior
did not report any problems. Neither did Norton
Utilities or Apple's Disk First Aid. The Finder
does show the date correctly, though.

Deleting the "Date & Time Preferences" file
within the Preferences folder inside of the
System Folder did not help either.

I was finally able to fix the date problem by
clicking the "Date Formats" button within the
"Date & Time" Control Panel and changing the
Region from Custom to U.S.

I am not sure how it got set to Custom in the
first place, but the custom values set in
the "Long Date" area were definitely strange.