I'm having problems with the fireworks drop down menus in IE6.

The menus give a "permission denied" error the first time the page is
loaded in IE for a session. If you reload the page, the drop down
menus work fine. If you go to another page, the menu works first time.
However, if you close all of the browser windows and then load the
site again, the menus give the error until you reload the page.

It doesn't matter which page on the site you start with, the same
thing happens throughout the site.

The actual error is:
Line: 205
Char: 1
Error: Permission denied
Code: 0

The line number is the line which has the mouseOver code which
displays the drop down menu.

I put some debugging alerts into the javascript code and the script is
definately getting to the end fwLoadMenus function, but when you
moveover the drop down link, it's not even calling the function
FW_showMenu function.

To me it looks like a problem with loading/caching, but I tried
putting the javascript into one js include with the showMenu at the
top and it didn't make a difference. I also tried putting all of the
javascript code straight into the webpage, but it still gave an error.

The copy of the fireworks menu actually came from another site (which
is having the same problem) rather than being generated from fireworks
itself so I think there's a good chance that this is an old version of
the fireworks menu script.

This is the version information from the comments in the file:
fw_menu 20JUN2001 Version 4.0d
Timothy Atwood, Holtenwood Computing, June 2001
Modified for dynamic menu positioning related to object.

If it is an old version, can anyone tell me where I can get an upgrade
of the script? The people who own and maintain the website would
prefer to make as little change to their menus as possible. I think it
should be possible just to get a new .js file and replace it with the
one they've already got?

Any help or suggestions you can give would be much appreciated. I'm
out of ideas about where to look next, and it's really important that
it works properly in IE6 because that's what a big proportion of our
visitors use.